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Shy Daisy

Hii, I'm Daisy and I'm shy.
My tumblr is full of CUTE.
Alice in Wonderland,
Lolita clothes, food, cats,
Anime, nekomimi, artsies,
Hello Kitty, cartoons,
Disney stuffs, sometimes
i get really sad though..


sailor moon sweater

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Had so much fun putting together this punk!au Chibi Usa cosplay based on a babsdraws picture!

Changed up the jacket a bit but I have it on good advice that when you can’t get a horse face right you should swap it out for a skull.

[I made that backpack -it’s fully functional- in six hours, which isn’t bad considering it’s made out of suiting.]

Photos by the wonderful katewonder who also teamed up with me on the day <3 

Sailor Moon sweater from Harajuku fashion
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